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WW2 Information Centre Rivierengebied




Located on the ground floor of the Flipje and Streekmuseum Tiel, is the WW2 Information Centre Rivierengebied. The centre focuses on the history of Tiel and the Rivierengebied region during the Second World War. Tiel's wartime history is special in that sence that there are not much other cities in Western Europe that remained on the front line for seven months. The consequences of the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944 had a major impact on Tiel and the Rivierengebied area.

The Flipje and Streekmuseum Tielshows the history of Tiel and the region, known as a centre of fruit production and processing. Tiel is also known as the the birthplace of ‘Flipje’, and the museum has a large ‘Flipje’ collection. In the WW2 Information Centre, visitors can learn about various characters who tell their stories about the war, whilst a short film illustrates the events. Visitors can also find information about the other places of remembrance and museums in the Gelderland Rivierengebied.

The building that houses the Flipje and Streekmuseum was built in 1789, by order of the Groote Sociëteit, a gentlemen's club, and has a rich history.


Flipje was conceived in 1935 as an advertising figure of the jam factory 'De Betuwe' in Tiel. The little man has a thick raspberry body, with arms and legs made of red berries and a hat detailing his name. Up until 1954, fifty comic strips were published showing the adventures of Flipje and his friends. In each adventure, Flipje solves a problem, and when everything has turned out well, he treats his friend to lemonade, jam or apple juice. From 2002 to 2010, five new comic books were released.

Plein 48, 4001 LJ Tiel