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Partisans in Tjamsweer




The Germans position their command post in the presbytery of Tjamsweer. From here they have an excellent connection with the soldiers who operate the cannons along the dike at Delfzijl, Nansum and Termunten. Five residents of Appingedam experience anxious moments at the rectory.

One of the residents on Damsterweg, Mr T. Lubbers, looks surprised when a group of heavily armed Germans unexpectedly shows up at his door. They are roaring and screaming and they suspect him of being involved in shooting the sentry in the tower.

With the rifle at the ready, the entire house is searched. Everything is thoroughly turned upside down, but nothing is found. It doesn't help him. Lubbers and four other men – D. Bijmolt, B. Schansema, H.C. Bos and H. Dijkhuizen – are taken to the church. At the church they are snapped to take off their caps and stand with their hands up against the wall of the rectory. The Germans think they are "partisans".

Bijmolt's mother enlists the help of a German soldier who is billeted with her and who knows the men. This soldier and also another German officer who knows the prisoners will mediate to get them released.

It ends well in the end. After the liberation of Tjamsweer, a Canadian Red Cross post is set up in the same rectory.

Tjamsweersterweg 21, 9901 TB Appingedam