Champ de Bataille

The robbery of the century





After the Canadians of the South Saskwatchewan Regiment have crossed the Emma Bridge in Groningen on Sunday morning, April 15, 1945, they are under heavy fire from German anti-aircraft guns that are positioned on the Zuiderdiep.

Ultimately, these German guns are knocked out on the Zuiderdiep, after which the Canadians report that the area around "Cricket" and "Baseball", code names for certain sectors in the city of Groningen (Praediniussingel and Emmeplein), has been cleared, including the area around the Zuiderdiep. 

The advance is going well. Under cover, the Canadians with Bren Carriers, armored vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, make their way to the main post office on Munnikeholm around 11:30 am. At that moment a Nazi agent is busy packing 250 million guilders, the intention was to transport this money to Amsterdam.

The Canadians manage to prevent him from taking off with the money. It remains a mystery to this day where the money has gone… 


Munnekeholm 1, 9711 JA Groningen