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Ordnung musz sein




The German defense in Groningen consists of gathered units of the Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe and SS, supplemented by militarized German railway personnel. Many defenders are exhausted and war-weary, while the SS are prepared to resist to the last man.

The ages of the German soldiers range from 14 to 65 years. Some German soldiers surrender immediately when they see a Canadian soldier. This happened to Canadian sergeant Micky Faille in the center of Groningen.

Faille is quartermaster of the South Saskatchewan Regiment and distributes the rations to his comrades. He made a mistake in the way and ran into a German Officer. The officer stops the sergeant and asks if he and his men can surrender to the Canadians. However, there can be no question of surrendering to a sergeant. If he would please get someone of his own rank – higher is allowed too.

The quartermaster asks the German officer to line up his men, after which he goes to pick up his colonel. In the end, 181 Germans, including five colonels and eight majors, are captured. 

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